Thursday, November 2, 2017

Science:  Habitats

   Our studies of Habitats has taken us around the world to discuss and investigate the ' biomes ' of the world. e.g.) Tundra, Tropical Jungles, Arctic etc.     This knowledge will be needed as your son / daughter moves into the Mini-project since they will be expected to tell us where in the world their threatened or endangered animals lives.     Our next section of Habitats will investigate the Harmful or Helpful aspects of humans on the animals of the world.   e.g.) Pesticides, DDT; Fertilizers, Lake Winnipeg, Oil Spills, Exxon Valdez, etc.   This element of their understanding will spill over to their Mini-project since they will be asked,

 ' How are we as humans helping your endangered animals or endangering your animal? '     

' What associations are involved to protect your threatened or endangered animal and how can we get involved?'

  I have shown the class a number of previous year's projects and also taught them how to do a Power Point Presentation. 

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