Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Social Studies The Physical Regions of Canada

We are currently studying
The Physical Regions of Canada.


We have headed out to the Rocky and Coastal Mountains to investigate the Cordillera. We looked at the Forestry of the Region, The Climate, The Resources; such as, the Red Sockeye Salmon. 
We watched a film on the spawning of the Red Sockeye Salmon and headed to Hell's Gate in British Columbia. We took a virtual ride up the Fraser River on a Jet Boat too. 

Interior Plains: 

We flew over the Rockies in a virtual flight that lead us to the Canadian Prairies. We investigated the Climate, the Agriculture and many special interest activities. In our virtual flight we saw the numerous Grain Silos and discussed the railroad system needed to transport our grain to other nations of the world.

The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands:

We headed off the Lake Superior and investigated the canal system between the great lakes.
We discussed how products and goods are moved to export through the Great Lakes all the way to the St. Lawrence River and the rest of the world. We learned about the amazing wealth of goods and services within the Toronto Montreal corridor. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Reading Novel Study

Reading Novel Study: 

Mouse and the Motorcycle:  - We are currently reading Chapter 8 Monday, April 16th

4th Grade Rats:   - We are currently reading Chapter 8   - Some students are reading ahead to Chapter 9   - Monday, April 16th

I want to go home:    

 - We are currently working on Chapters 12

            ' Name, Rank & Serial Number '

                 - Monday, April 16th 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Mathematics: 3D Geometry

     End of unit test: FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH

   We have been working through the unit; Fractions, Decimals and Percents.

The students managed to overcome challenges grasping Equivalent Fractions, and Improper Fractions. The students were introduced to Mixed Numbers, and then reducing fractions to Lowest Terms.

 We have moved on to converting Fractions to Decimals. Then finally showing them all the connection between Fractions - to - Decimals - to Percents.
We are currently in the final review stage all this week leading up to the end of unit test this Friday.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Our newest unit is Light & Sound. We have been investigating Light....types of Light: Man made or Natural.

 Currently, we have been investigating Light and how it interacts in various types of materials such as water. We discussed Transparent, Translucent and Opaque. 

The class has been introduced, Monday, March 19th,  to their upcoming Light & Sound Project. The project outline and Success Criteria can be found on our Google Classroom. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We are now currently studying Time. We have been working on ....minutes to the hour, and minutes after the hour; as well as, accuracy of the hour hand.We will be tackling a challenging skill of Elapsed Time including subtracting time with borrowing. 

Our end of unit review test will be postponed to Tuesday, November 7th as we continue to review some challenging concepts.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Media Literacy: Computer Internet Safety

Students will be insight into Computer Internet Safety as part of our Media Literacy studies.
We will be watching a great video from Vimeo featuring a group of elementary students. 
Click on the link below for the Vimeo video. 


Our class will continue the discussion of Computer Internet Safety and then assign the Do's & Don'ts of the internet.