Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We are now currently studying our first unit: Numeration.

We worked on our Place Value Chart and reviewed Base Ten blocks. We studied Standard Form and Expanded forms of numbers. Then we tackled Rounding which is a challenging skill for a number of students. I passed on to my class a strategy that they could use to find greater success. A number of students chose not to use the strategy and discovered they continued to find problems on Rounding on our first class quizzle.
We have been working hard on our Multiplication Tables, 2x and 3x's. Students have been challenged to go after their first 2 time tables star and their Karate White belt.
Most recently, we have been working on Money. Adding, subtracting money and understanding the importance of a decimal point and neatness of their columns when adding and subtracting money.
We have begun the review process and are working towards our first end of unit test on Numeration. 

Our first end of unit test was planned for Friday, September 28th; however, I have decided that we must push this back to the first week in October since I have a number of students who are still finding challenges with ' Rounding '. 

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